Watching now at Red Fish Blue Fish. You guys are excellent! Music is good, entertaining show and the vocals are fantastic.

Loving the show!

Brad Fludgate Love it, great rockers, come back

Dana Franks Smith
Dana Franks Smith Thanks for a great night and birthday guys! You are amazing!

Lorie Louhier Coogle They are AWESOME!!

Al Butler Saw you guys in Navarre a few weeks ago. You sounded great. Hope to see you again one day.

Laurie Ford-Bartholomew You were so GREAT!!! Sitting on the boat just off the beach and saying “Who is that? The band is so good!!!” Enjoyed it so much!!!

Wow. From Ann Wilson/Heart to Def Leppard to Metallica. This is my music! awesomeness!

Newest fan! Enjoyed the music last night at RFBF! Will find y’all next time I’m back in town.

Awesome voices. We enjoyed y’all so much last night at Red Fish Blue Fish. You rock. Table 1. ❤️❤️

Enjoyed your line up tonight!!

I hired this band for my wedding reception and everyone love them!

Can I just say how much I love SheAndTheIts?!?! They are not just good people, but they are a damn good band!

I had the pleasure of working with them for my charity event, and although we got rained out, they did an amazing job during the time that we had. I look forward to seeing them and working with them again! Everyone at the event commented on how much they enjoyed the music. Really...job well done ❤️

Good music and good friends. I love their Journey songs!!!

Marcus Edward Avalos Great show y'all. You've found a new fan in me.

Julie Wilder Sorensen Really enjoyed y’all tonight. My husband who is not usually impressed by local bands says this is a group he would go out of his way to hear again

Thank you for that Awesome show Saturday night wedding reception! Feels really to hear that music live! I haven’t had a chance to dance in years so thank you for that as well. 
Are you appearing with bands on the beach? Please post when, we would like to hear you again!


Jana Samuel Hand OMGosh!!! You all killed it ! Can’t wait to come out and see you all again.

Loved the Band and their Classic Rock was Spot on. They could go from Journey to Heart to Scorpions just like that! Awesome show! Would love to hear them again!
A New Fan

An AMAZING performance by these wonderful people ...BEST DAMN BIRTHDAY PARTY EVER ....this band is worth going listen to wherever they are playing ...thanks Dana and the its